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Luke Dunn Dental - Voted One of Australia's Best Dental Spas by AADFA

Luke Dunn Dental is super excited to have been mentioned on the AADFA website! Check out the blog below or visit their website here.

Blog Post by AADFA – The Beautiful Truth

With an eye for aesthetics and a focus on facts, Dr Luke Dunn is not only passionate about seamlessly uniting the art and science of dento-facial aesthetics, he’s also dedicated to educating and empowering his patients, and that’s the beautiful truth about Luke Dunn Dental.

We chat to Josie Dunn; Managing Director and Co-Owner of Luke Dunn Dental in Cairns, Far North Queensland about how her and Dr Luke have created an incredibly successful “dental spa” practice. As a business and as a team, Josie and Luke continue to grow and evolve, and with their recent surgery renovation and extension, this power couple have so much to be proud of! Josie and Luke are shaking things up after introducing their “FACE FACTS” live demonstration evenings, and we are excited to hear all about it and follow their incredible journey!

Congratulations on truly succeeding in the “Dental Spa” sphere in Queensland! Tell us how your facial aesthetic / facial rejuvenation journey started?

With the frightening lack of regulation throughout the cosmetic and beauty industry, facial aesthetic and rejuvenation treatments commonly fall into poorly trained, un-qualified hands. For the patient, this can mean undesirable results at best and adverse reactions / health complications at worst. As highly trained medical practitioners with an in-depth knowledge of head and neck anatomy, dentists are uniquely placed to provide a wide range of facial aesthetic and rejuvenation treatments. AADFA is the only organisation of its kind in Australasia and has driven these regulatory changes, resulting in more and more dentists offering a range of facial aesthetic and rejuvenation treatments in conjunction with dental treatment.

It is for these reasons that, in 2017, Dr Dunn decided to undertake advanced training through AADFA, he has since completed the entire AADFA training pathway and will be among the first AADFA Certified Practitioners to receive his Honorary International Fellowship in New York next month!

What facial aesthetic treatments do you offer?

  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Dermal filler
  • PDO thread lifting
  • Injection lipolysis

What facial rejuvenation procedures can we have at the Luke Dunn Dental?

  • Carboxy therapy
  • Chemical peels
  • CGF micro-needling
  • LED light therapy
  • PDO Mono threads

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What’s your go to treatment for yourself?
We absolutely love CGF micro-needling and can’t live without our anti-wrinkle injections!

What is one of the most popular treatments at your Practice?

  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Dermal filler
  • CGF micro-needling

How did you go about implementing the Dental Spa into your existing Dental Practice?
Dr Dunn introduced facial aesthetics and skin rejuvenation into our practice over a period of a time. Gradually introducing these new services allowed us time to ensure our patients understood why Dr Dunn was incorporating facial aesthetics into Luke Dunn Dental and the subsequent benefits this presented to them. Dr Dunn and our team spent (and still send) time educating patients about these various procedures, and, as a result, we’re finding they’ve not only embraced the collaboration of facial aesthetics and dentistry, but that they’re becoming more aware of potential risks where these treatments are offered by unskilled, unqualified practitioners. This was how the concept for our FACE FACTS live demonstration evenings was born; out of our sheer frustration with a widely unregulated “beauty” industry. Due to the lack of transparent, unbiased, scientific facts available to the public, all too often, we were (and sadly still are) coming across patients who’ve been misled and grossly misinformed about various treatments, results and products. In a bid to educate and empower our patients and the wider public, FACE FACTS was born. FACE FACTS guests are given the rare opportunity to watch Dr Dunn perform live facial aesthetic and rejuvenation procedures, ask him questions and receive his informed, unbiased answers based on actual scientific facts. Our continuing endeavour through FACE FACTS is to completely change the public’s perception of these procedures, how – and by whom – these procedures should be performed, and, most importantly, why.
LDD - Dental Face Facts Night
How did you initially hear about AADFA?
When Dr Dunn decided he wanted to branch out into the world of facial aesthetics and rejuvenation, he began researching online and learned that AADFA is the most comprehensive and widely-recognised training organisation specifically for dentists.

How have the AADFA teachings changed the way you practice?
AADFA teachings have changed the way Dr Dunn practices as he now sees the face as a whole, therefore he now diagnoses and treatment plans the face as a whole instead of stopping at the oral cavity and ignoring the rest of the face. This allows us to provide more comprehensive results to our patients.

Tell us, did The AADFA “FACE” module help you and your auxiliary staff?
The AADFA “FACE” module was extremely helpful and informative. It tied together all the previous training modules and aided us in incorporating the concept of complete dento-facial rejuvenation into our practice. “FACE” was the last module Dr Dunn completed, although he feels, in hindsight, that he would have benefited by attending “FACE” earlier in the progression of his AADFA training!

After implementing facial aesthetic and rejuvenation treatments into your practice, would you say this has grown your practice? What would be the uptake percentage for these services?
Implementing facial aesthetics and rejuvenation treatments into Luke Dunn Dental has undoubtedly grown our practice, both with existing dental patients and also by attracting new patients who come to us specifically for facial treatments performed by a high calibre dentist. The vast majority of those new patients now also see us for dental treatment. The uptake percentage would be about twenty percent of our annual turnover and is continually climbing.

Now tell us how much you LOVE treating facial aesthetic and facial rejuvenation patients?
For Dr Dunn and his team, offering facial aesthetic and rejuvenation treatments has many benefits. For us, there’s nothing better than improving a patient’s confidence and health. It’s wonderful to be able to offer treatments and receive such positive feedback from our patients.

Do you think patients LOVE the fact that they can receive everything under one roof? From dental treatments, to Botox and Fillers, Skin Needling, Skincare and peels?
There is absolutely no doubt that our patients love the option of receiving their facial aesthetics and skin rejuvenation treatments in conjunction with their dental treatment. At Luke Dunn Dental, we have many patients who have now tied in their regular anti-wrinkle injections with their routine dental cleans.

For any Dentist considering entering the world of Aesthetic & Facial Rejuvenation Dentistry, what’s your advice?
Director and head trainer of AADFA, Dr Myles Holt, has developed a comprehensive training structure that provides dentists and auxiliary staff with specific skills, industry knowledge and invaluable information, allowing them to successfully and more safely implement and provide a range of skin rejuvenation and aesthetic treatments. Our advice to any dentist considering entering the world of facial aesthetics and rejuvenation would be to undergo AADFA training. AADFA offers ongoing support to its members, assisting dental practitioners in providing quality, leading and beneficial rejuvenation services to patients in conjunction with dental treatments. There is no other organisation like AADFA for dentists, and the service and support are world-class. The other advice we’d offer to dentists considering branching into facial aesthetics is to ensure their team are one hundred percent onboard, willing and passionate about the integration of these services into their practice.
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